ML Service Agreement

Megalink Targets Service Agreement

The Service Agreement is between Megalink Target System owners/users and Megalink USA LLC. The Service Agreement is an optional, annual subscription plan valid for 12 months from the date payment for the subscription has cleared.

The cost of the subscription is payable to Megalink USA LLC by check, money order or wire transfer.

The subscription fees are as follow:

    • multiple target owners (Clubs, Ranges, etc.): US$ 315.00
    • single target (individual and ML Shot software only): US$ 115.00

1.   The Service Agreement covers:

1.1   Continuous Software Upgrades. You will be able to update any and all of your software for which you have a valid license. This includes any changes, additions, improvements made prior and during the subscribed period.

1.2   Free of charge telephone Technical Support. Support is available Monday to Friday with exception of Official Holidays. We provide support in English and Spanish language. Contact information for the technicians is bellow.

Joel Hernandez (English/Spanish)
Call:  +1 813 970 8072
Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST

1.3   No labor charges for repairs of components requiring service in our shop. You will still be responsible for the S/H charges both ways and the cost of the components, replaced. This does not include catastrophic and/or force majeure damage, damage caused by negligence or unauthorized use of the system.

2.   The Service Agreement does not cover:

      • 2.1    Services performed outside our shop.
      • 2.2    Damages occurred during periods that were not covered by active Service Agreement.
      • 2.3   Anything that is not included in section 1.
      • 2.4  The Service Agreement is not an extended warranty.

For questions, requests, subscription and suggestions contact our office:

Megalink USA LLC
Vladimir or Alexander Chichkov
Call: +1 813 983 9839
Fax: +1 813 899 9696


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